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Caotina Cocoa

Discover the richness of real Swiss chocolate

Some moments in life are simply beyond words. Indulge your senses with the taste, aroma and experience of Caotina hot chocolate. Take a few moments to relax and escape to a world of sensation, where our unique chocolate taste and high-quality ingredients will enchant your senses.


‘UTZ’ is the Mayan term for ‘good’. The UTZ programme is designed to improve farming methods so that farmers can increase their crops, income and living standards. The programme also promotes sustainability and the protection of natural resources and the environment.

Most of our products are UTZ-certified. That means you can enjoy Caotina® not only for its great taste, but happy in the knowledge that you are directly supporting sustainable cocoa farming.


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Enjoy the ultimate hot chocolate experience.

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Caotina Cocoa capsules are designed for the C250FM capsule machine.

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